Monday, May 7, 2012

Old Friends and the Big City

 Two weeks ago we learned that my college roommate, who was also my maid of honor, and her husband were going to be in Seattle from their home in New York for a conference the following weekend.  She and her husband are both physicians, and though they would be busy, they had the ability to be free on Saturday.

I hadn't seen Celeste since her wedding over two years ago, which had also been the only time we'd met her husband.  At the time, Mercy was 18 months old, and I was well along with Gilead.

Sarah, another bridesmaid, lives in Seattle with her husband.  Thanks to their hospitality, we were able to arrange for a last minute trip to see both couples.  It was a whirlwind.  We drove the 6.5 hours on Friday, gallivanted around Seattle on Saturday, and drove the 6.5 hours back on Sunday.  But it was very, very worth it.

The drive through Snoqualmie Pass, in particular, was spectacular.  I've only done it twice--one on our honeymoon, and for this trip.

The last time Celeste and I had spent any real time together was the month before Ryan and I were married, nearly five years ago.  In that span of time I've had three children, and she's been married and is now expecting their first child.  We were overdue for a face to face visit.

Despite the long drive and three consecutive days without naps, the children were in remarkably good spirits.  That was a tremendous blessing.  As was the fact that the weather was beautiful--mild and sunny.

Trying to find a stroller friendly way from Pike Place to the waterfront.  With Starbucks, from the original location, in hand.

Pictures outside the Seattle aquarium above.  And the entryway display below.

I'm pretty sure the aquarium, or "ocean zoo" was the highlight of my children's day.  Mercy, however, may argue for the Space Needle.  She's convinced she saw "all of the Eiffel Towers" from there.

We walked up some steep hills.  I let Ryan push the stroller up them.

Gilead hit it off with Celeste's husband and liked to be near him much of the time.

There's something remarkable about a dear friend you can not see for years, but slip into conversation with as though you just saw one another yesterday.

Mercy and Gilead check out an interactive display at the Space Needle.

Saying goodbye.  We're hoping it won't be over two years before our families are able to spend time together again.

And getting some goodbye play time in with Sarah.

And goodbye to Seattle, on a typical Seattle day.

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