Friday, February 24, 2012

Gilead is Two!

Gilead turned two on the 16th.  I'm beginning to think that motherhood is one endless exclamation of "where did the time go?!"

When did my active, charming boy go from this...

to this?

In past three to four months he has definitely crossed the bridge from "big baby" to all-out toddler.  Most notably, his vocabulary has exploded.  He now speaks in complete sentences much of the time and uses words like "humongous."

We ate too much dessert his birthday week.  Because I made too much dessert.  However, because his birthday falls during tax season, celebrating a birthday during the week is nearly impossible.  So I simply made chocolate bowls for ice cream and chocolate covered strawberries for his actual birthday.

I saw an ingenious idea for making chocolate bowls on Pinterest--blow up small balloons, dip the ends in chocolate, and then pop them when the chocolate is dry.  It works beautifully.

They were a big hit.

However, because we were so transient for Gilead's birthday last year, I didn't really make him a cake.  So this year I decided to do a special one.  He requested an "owl cake" due to his love of Arnold Lobel's "Owl at Home."  I didn't exactly do an owl cake, but he was please with the end result nonetheless...

There were some extra owl cake pops, so I let my expert taste testing panel have a preview...

There are so many amazing changes that take place during the "twos."  I'm so much looking forward to traversing them for a second time with Gilead.  We're blessed that God gave him to us as our second-born and first son.  

Happy birthday to our not-so Little Guy!

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  1. Your children are precious! And the cake is simply wonderful! I've enjoyed visiting your blog. :)