Saturday, September 3, 2011

4 Days Until Baby, Stomach Flu, and Interviews

We're still on the wild roller coaster ride around here.  Ryan had an interview last Tuesday, on on the other side of the state on Thursday, and has another one coming up this Friday.  The Thursday interview took him away from home all day Wednesday and Thursday.  I was so thankful my mom is here to help!

Yesterday we all woke up and went through the normal morning rituals.  Mercy is often a very slow breakfast eater, and yesterday was no exception.  She complained of a tummy ache, but she's been struggling with constipation.  However, after she'd eaten half her yogurt I told her she could be all done because we were wanting to go to a yard sale that advertised toddler clothes.  On the way there, she started looking pretty peaked, but she loves yard sales and perked up there.  However, as soon as we got back in the car she began throwing up.

Needless to say, the timing is terrible.  The baby is coming 4 days from today.

Mercy vomited three times and slept restlessly last night.  However, apart from a diminished appetite, she's back to herself today.  Here she is trying out her new "dancing dress" from the yard we picked up for $.25.


Now we're waiting in that miserable pre-stomach flu anticipation to see if anyone else comes down with it.  The stomach flu is miserable regardless, but because I'm having a c-section in 4 days, I'm particularly uptight.

We'd appreciate prayer as we navigate this next week with the potential for more illness and the certainty of a new baby and another interview.

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