Saturday, August 27, 2011

"Did You Know You're REALLY Pregnant?"

What people say never ceases to amaze us.  I know that every pregnant woman in the world has said as much, but when you're pregnant, your body becomes a free comment zone.  And today I must be looking particularly pregnant.

First thing this morning I went to a yard sale that advertised baby boy things and the lady running the sale just couldn't get over how far out front I pop out.  I don't think I've heard "wow" so often.

But the best one came later, when we all went to the farmer's market.  We were in line at a booth behind a couple in their 50s or so.  When they turned around after having made their purchase the man's eyes visibly widened.  He then proceeded to say "Wow!  Now that is a green striped watermelon is I ever saw one!" 

Yes, I happen to be wearing a green striped shirt today.  In fact, this is me--today.  I wish I'd had the wherewithal to say something to the effect of "I know, that's why I wore this shirt.  I LOVE watermelon."  More comments were made, to which I tried to graciously smile, nod, and say "I know, but I'm almost done."

Once it was over my husband was outraged.  He commented that people might as well come up and say "Hey, did you know that you're really pregnant?!"  Why, yes, as a matter of fact, I had noticed...


  1. That's a really cute picture, and I didn't think watermelon when I first saw it! People should keep their comments to themselves, but the watermelon one made me laugh! I usually feel like I've got a watermelon growing inside me!

  2. Seriously?!?! People are so weird! You do not look huge to me. Pregnant? Yes. Huge? NO!
    I never got many comments like that... I supposed being confined to my house with puking and/or bedrest may have something to do with that! ;o)