Monday, July 18, 2011

Tubes and Consolidating Households

Last Thursday Gilead and I checked into the hospital at 6:30am to get tubes in his ears.  He did great, and the doctor said that all went well.  When we checked in I was warned that little ones wake up one of two ways--they're either loopy and mellow or very, very angry. Gilead was the latter.  After he was returned to me he screamed for about 10 minutes before he even opened his eyes and saw me.  After about another 5 minutes of singing and some tylenol he was doing much better.  By that afternoon he was pretty much himself.

The other big happening involves consolidating households.  A couple of months ago my Mom lost her job as a result of an injury that didn't recover quickly enough.  The very week she put her house on the market an offer was put in on it.  If all continues to go well the house will close the first week of August and Mom will move in with us.

Therefore, we've been cleaning out even more (planning on yet another yard sale) and have moved the kids into one room.  Today Gilead napped in the toddler bed for the first time, and tonight he'll spend his first night in it.  Mercy has been in the twin for a couple of nights now and loves it.  The twin has always been Mom's bed when she visits, but now, of course, she'll be bringing her bed with her.  Last night Mercy declared that "this is my bed now.  Nonni can get a new one."

Here's the kids new room.  A bit tight, but certainly doable.  And Mercy is ecstatic about having a roommate!

I found this adorable bedding set for Mercy at Goodwill.  It has everything--even valances for the window!  However, those won't go up until fall (when we don't need insulated curtains in their window anymore).

And my Mom got those butterfly wall stickers for Mercy at a yard sale for $0.25!

Gilead's corner.

We'll see how much sleeping happens tonight.  But one thing's for sure--they love the new setup for daytime play!

And, of course, we're still praying for work.  Ryan has an interview at a local firm tomorrow.  Lord willing, this will be the start of a new phase in life.


  1. Wow, what a blessing that bedding set was! I've been looking for a quilt for the girls for a while. God really has a way of giving us what we need at the right time.

    I love having our kids in one room. Yes, "quiet" times and bedtimes (when they aren't very tired) are much more tricky, but I think it fosters a closer relationship. The baby will be in your room then, right?

  2. HA! No one told me about the kids waking up mad thing. Mark was livid after his little surgery, it took a good 15-30 minutes for him to calm down again, and he kept protesting for a while after that. :-P