Thursday, June 30, 2011


We've been blessed in so many ways over the past couple of months since Ryan was let go.  Ways that, sadly enough, many Christians would view as shameful.  We're alright with giving to those in need, so long as we deem them "deserving" (which is a whole other topic, but one we've pondered a lot lately), but we have great difficulty admitting that we are the ones in need.

And these days, we've found ourselves in the position of being those in need.

My college roommate and dear friend and her husband joined forces with other friends, their church, and friends churches to come to our aid.  Between them our rent has been paid for three months (through July) and our children have been fully wardrobed for the summer.  Both thing we desperately needed.  The rent has allowed Ryan to begin studying for the CPA exam and apply for a test date.  And the clothes have kept our children from being naked, or their mother from doing laundry daily to keep them in clothes.

To be so blessed by others, especially when you've never met many of them, is overwhelming, to say the least.  As Ryan has stated "Christ has always been in our home, but now we see His footprints."  He has truly cared for us in every way.

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