Monday, May 16, 2011

Yard Sales

In Moscow yard sale-ing is a very competitive sport.  Sales are usually Saturday only affairs, and start as early as 6am.  People wait on the sidewalk, ready to descend upon your property as soon as you give the okay.  If you aren't there when it opens, don't count on finding the treasures advertised--particularly if baby/kid stuff is involved.

Despite that, we got to be pretty decent at it, and just about all of our children's books and toys are from yard sales.

Here in Silverton, yard sales are an entirely different sort of deal.  Everything seems to be very casual, and sales start as early as Thursday and always seem to run both Friday and Saturday.  8am is an early start time.  We're just getting it figured out.

This was the first week I remembered to look for ads before Friday.  So I mapped out the sales Thursday and was at the most promising looking one at opening on Friday morning.  I was the only one there, and they had all sorts of high quality children's things for low prices.

We came away with this folding table and chair set for the kids.


We eat outside a lot when weather permits, and will do so even more as the weather, house, and this pregnant lady heat up.  Ryan and I do fine in our camp chairs, but the kids need a solid surface.

We also got this, which will be a birthday present for Mercy from Ryan's parents.

This is a stock photo from Melissa and Doug, but ours looks exactly the same, is in great shape, and they only wanted $15.  That's a $140 toy!  It's currently hiding in a closet...

I have no idea if this is typical for yard sales here, but we'd be thrilled if it was.  Now to find some good kids clothes for next to nothing.

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