Saturday, May 21, 2011

Hospitals and House Sale Prep

Earlier this week my mom spent some time in the hospital for severe abdominal pain.  We'd been planning on going to spend a week with her to help prepare her house to go on the market, but we'd all been sick and were waiting to get over our plague.  Her hospitalization sped up plans, and we came on Wednesday.

Mom was released Wednesday morning, and, though not 100%, is much, much better.  So we commenced preparing the house for market.  There are some things we aren't able to do--like refinishing the floors.  But we can certainly help with organizing, rearranging, painting, and other things that simply make a place more attractive.

We decided to tackle the hardest, most dreaded places first.  You know, the ones that collect stuff, whether you intend for that to happen or not.  We started with "the hole."  Otherwise known as the mudroom, but dubbed "the hole" thanks to the fact that it is a couple of steps below the level of the rest of house.

"The hole" also has a nifty loft bed option.  A few years ago it was always ready for company, but the bed eventually migrated off of the loft and into a bedroom, which meant another bed had to go into the basement.  After the loft space was cleaned up, we relocated the bed back to it's original home.  This allows this two bedroom house to sleep company with relative ease!

The bottom portion of "the hole".  That desk on the right will migrate to a different room once the room it is moving to is ready for it.  The random stuff on it will also be relocated...

Next, we set to working on the basement.  There are still some things there that need to be relocated.  But like the desk, the places they are moving to aren't ready for them yet.

Still, it's shaping up nicely--especially for a basement!

And, the current project, is the second bedroom.  It is being painted as I write.  It was determined that this pregnant woman shouldn't paint--especially since I've had problems with contracting too early in the past.  Here it is in the prep stages.

Mercy on her way out to the garage to "help" Daddy.

Gathering the painting supplies from the garage. 

Tearing the old, yucky carpet out of the bedroom.


Gilead putting in his two cents.

Mercy had to help, too.

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