Friday, May 27, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday, Mercy Girl!

Today was Mercy's third birthday.  It's hard to believe that three years have flown by so quickly!  However, the rate at which she is growing, learning, and changing most definitely attests to the fact that she is no longer a baby.

Mercy's 1st Birthday

Mercy loves "school."  We have several Kumon books that we work on most mornings.  She is progressing well at learning to read and write the alphabet, her numbers, and in coloring, tracing, pasting, and cutting.  She doesn't ever let me forget that it is time for school!

Mercy's 2nd Birthday

Most recently, Mercy has begun vocalizing her faith and what she understands of what she's been taught, which we love.  In fact, yesterday, on a trip back home from my mom's (6 hours away) we made a potty stop, and while taking care of business, Mercy proceeded to preach a sermon.  Ryan had taken her potty, so I got the story second hand, but it goes something like this:

Mercy (in a near shout): "I go potty!  I make Daddy happy.  I make God happy.  I obey God. God is everywhere.  God is in heaven.  Jesus go up in the sky to the clouds!"

Ryan said he basically "yes, honeyed" the whole way through.  We realized then that when you teach your toddler what you believe, there is no keeping it secret!  Not that we do, but we'll be "witnessing," if you will, on a rather regular basis now if she has anything to do with it.

Mercy was the official frosting test-taster.

Me frantically trying to finish the Pooh Bear cake on time.  In my new maternity apron from Bon Appetit Aprons.  I have the privilege of doing a review and giveaway on my Gluten Free Motherhood blog soon!

Mercy enjoying her new Ergo doll carrier from Uncle Patrick, Aunt Krista, Timothy, and Lilli.

Opening her new non-spill bubble bucket from Gilead.

Opening her new carpet sweeper from Mommy and Daddy.

It really works!

Trying out those bubbles.

A new piano from Grandma and Grandpa!

The finished Winnie the Pooh cake.  Sorry it's sideways.

Blowing out candles.

Gilead enjoying his cake.

The past three years of being Mercy's parents have been a privilege and a blessing.  We look forward to many more to come!

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    It looks like she has had a good time so far and we wish her a beautiful year ahead.
    The cake was beautiful, good job Mommy! :)

    P.S Did she like the card that Ruthi "picked" for her?