Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Big Girl!

I began potty training Mercy when she was ridiculously young--15 months.  But she took to it quickly, and by 17 months she was in panties.  We had a brief hiatus at 20 months when Gilead was born and she had pneumonia all at the same time, but six weeks later she was back in panties.

Then we moved in August.  After about a month she was back on track.  Then we moved again in December.  And every one to three weeks after that for three months.  This was not helpful in any aspect of life with small children, let alone potty training.  Mercy no longer slept through the night and had lots of accidents.  I threw in the towel and we used pull-ups most of the time.

We've now been where we are for nearly two months.  I switched Mercy back to panties while at home about two weeks after we got here, and while she had a couple of accidents a day, panties were still much more economical than pull-ups, so I stuck with it.  However, there has been so much going on that I also haven't really "focused" on the potty training thing the way I did the first time around.

And all of a sudden, about four days ago, when I was sick and Ryan was letting me sleep in he went to put Gilead down for his morning nap and heard Mercy yell "I go potty on myself!"  Well, as it turns out, what she had actually said was "I go potty all by myself."  And sure enough, she had.  And continues to do so.  There have been a couple of accidents, but overall she takes herself, wipes up, and then rewards herself with a sticker.  We're not complaining a bit.  Such a big girl!


  1. Yay!!!!
    Good Job Big Girl Mercy!

  2. That's awesome! What a blessing that she figured out how to do it herself!

  3. Yay Mercy! Joshua actually gives himself his 2 M&M's when he goes potty too. It's really nice to only have to worry about diapers with one child.