Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Gilead!

This year has been a whirlwind in so many ways, but I still find it hard to believe that Gilead is now a year old.  For the most part, it has been a long, long year.  But how did Gilead get to be so big so quickly over the course of it?

As it turns out, he has infections in both ears in addition to the cold the rest of us have been fighting.  And yet, he was able to give me this smile this morning.

31 inches (84%) and 21 pounds (24%)
Thanks to the fact that we're in someone else's home, preparing to move yet again, and are all down with nasty colds his birthday celebration will be very low key this year--and rather broken up, too.  We'll do presents today and cupcakes in a day or two.  Besides, what's the point of eating cake if you can't smell or taste it?

Despite the hardships of this past year, watching Gilead grow and change has been a joy.  He has always been a happy, laid back guy, and for the most part, continues as such.  He started army crawling just over a month ago and is just now beginning to do a hands and knees crawl and attempt pulling up to things.  He's so proud of himself when he makes it up to his knees next to a piece of furniture or on our legs!  A whole new world is opening up to him--one in which he'll be able to keep up with his sister, who is his idol, all the better.

Physical development is not the only way in which he's been laid back.  Verbal skills haven't been much of a priority for him, either.  We've heard a very rare "Daddy" out of him, and just in the past couple of days "Mama."  Other than that, his only word to date is "look" if he gets a hold of something he thinks is particularly noteworthy.

I'll have to follow this post up with some more pictures--mostly of him eating cake for the first time.  What's a birthday--particularly a first one, without cake pictures?

We thank God daily for our children, and pray for many more years to come with Gilead.


  1. Esther's *only* word until eighteen months was Mama. She's very expressive and I never doubt what she's communicating, but she just didn't use words. Just in the last week or so she has expanded to "poo poo" (always a good one and it has the added benefit of making her siblings laugh) and "da da."

    Happy birthday Gilead! I love your smiles!

  2. Happy Birthday to Gilead!
    What a blessing to have such a cute and happy kid!
    May the Lord give you many more smiles through him in this coming year!
    (Looking forward to seeing you all again)