Thursday, November 25, 2010

We Asked for This

Today is Thanksgiving.  A time to give God thanks for all things.  This year we are particularly thankful for His provision for us despite uncertain times.  We are not only not without a place to be, but find ourselves having to decide which of four offers to accept as our new temporary residence.  God truly is good.

When we were having yet another of those late-night conversations in which we try to solve our current unemployment dilemma as well as cure the world of its problems my husband said something startling--"You know what I realized the other day?  We asked for this." 

Say what?

He then proceeded to explain.  We all have people that we admire so much that we'd like to mature into what they are.  People who live and demonstrate their faith in Christ in a way that exudes love and mercy.  In our case, every one of those people has been through something profound--or more than one something.  Heartache, loss, poverty, etc.  Each of those people has grown in ways that wouldn't have been possible had they not been placed in those circumstances.  Those are the people we have prayed to be like.  We not only asked for this, we prayed for it.

God has granted those prayers.  Now we can only pray that this fire will do its work of refinement, while also praying for provision of work in His good time.

So we give Thanks.  Thanks for providing us the opportunity to grow.  To become a family filled with mercy, faith, and love toward others.  And, of course, thanks for the provisions that keep showing up where we wouldn't have thought to look, from the most unexpected places.  God is good, and today is for remembering that his goodness transcends our worldly perceptions and giving thanks for that goodness to us.


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