Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Gilead is Nine Months!

How did that happen?  Despite all of the major transitions we've undergone since Gilead's birth, I still can't believe that nine months have gone by.  I took Little Guy in for his 9 month check-up yesterday, and he's certainly a growing boy.

Weight: 18lbs. 13oz. (24%)
Height: 29 inches (77%)

He must a small bone frame under there, because despite the desparity between his height and weight he still has chubs!

Like his sister, he is falling off the bottom of the chart in the gross motor department.  Therefore, we're supposed to call the pediatrician in a month with an update on his progress.  If it isn't as much as she would like he'll be evaluated.  However, I'm not as worried about him as I was Mercy.  Not only was she behind, but her movement patterns weren't normal.  His are normal, just way behind.  He's finally able to sit up for decent periods of time, but he can't get himself to and from sitting yet, let alone go anywhere or pull himself up.  Maybe he's just relaxed.  After all, his face looks like this most of the time...

Well, minus the cracker all over it.  But he is a pretty happy guy.  Before we know it, a full year with him will have somehow flown by!

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  1. His face sure does look like that most of the time!