Monday, October 25, 2010

A Happy Birthday

Friday was my 27th birthday.  For some reason 27 has sounded so much older to me--perhaps because it seems so much closer to 30?  I don't know, but our pastor made me feel better about it by pointing out that 27 is 3 to the 3rd power, which is a very good thing for a trinitarian!

Though I was sick on Friday, I was pampered by my family and had a wonderful day.  I never had to cook--and Ryan and Mercy even made dessert!  

And I was give a couple of things that have been on my wishlist.

The first, from my wonderful husband, was this:

And from my in-laws, a learning tower.  So, as soon as I could, I set about making the gluten-free brioche recipe.  With Mercy's help, of course, thanks to the new learning tower.

It turned out pretty nicely.

In the next day or two I plan on making the cinnamon rolls.  I love having dough that can be used for a variety of things in my refrigerator all the time!  We will certainly be eating much more bread, pizza, and pastries in the future!

Despite the uncertainty these days, I am often reminded of just how very blessed I am.  So, if you catch me forgetting, please remind me of all that I have been given.


  1. Happy Birthday! I just turned 28 - it's nice to meet another "twenty-something" mama! :)
    Thanks for visiting my blog during the bog hop - I'm your newest follower! :)

  2. Found your blog through your comment on another blog. Happy belated birthday. Please don't make 27 sound old, I turned 37 this year. Too close to 40!
    You have a really sweet family. Love the look of that bread and the tower so your sweetie can help. Oh and your pumpkin patch trip looked like a lot of fun.
    Hope you have a chance to come over and visit my blog. My hubby and I have 3 young children (3 1/2, 2, 6 months) who we are homeschooling and I blog about the stuff we do, lots of crafts and such. I am following your blog. Don't feel obligated to follow mine, though I hope you can. HOpe you find something of relevance.

  3. Happy Birthday
    Here from the bloghop.
    I am your newest follower. Please follow back

  4. So glad you had a wonderful birthday! That learning tower is SO COOL! I love it! Your bread looks fantastic too! Mercy looks like a wonderful little helper! Thanks for sharing your many blessings with us! =)

    I am stopping by from the Cornucopia Blog Hop! Hope you will come and visit us too at Just Married with Coupons
    Have a wonderful Monday!

  5. Thank you for coming over and following my blog! I hope you had a wonderful birthday. The bread looks delicious. You have a great looking family, love the cheesy grins in the above post!