Monday, October 25, 2010

A Happy Birthday

Friday was my 27th birthday.  For some reason 27 has sounded so much older to me--perhaps because it seems so much closer to 30?  I don't know, but our pastor made me feel better about it by pointing out that 27 is 3 to the 3rd power, which is a very good thing for a trinitarian!

Though I was sick on Friday, I was pampered by my family and had a wonderful day.  I never had to cook--and Ryan and Mercy even made dessert!  

And I was give a couple of things that have been on my wishlist.

The first, from my wonderful husband, was this:

And from my in-laws, a learning tower.  So, as soon as I could, I set about making the gluten-free brioche recipe.  With Mercy's help, of course, thanks to the new learning tower.

It turned out pretty nicely.

In the next day or two I plan on making the cinnamon rolls.  I love having dough that can be used for a variety of things in my refrigerator all the time!  We will certainly be eating much more bread, pizza, and pastries in the future!

Despite the uncertainty these days, I am often reminded of just how very blessed I am.  So, if you catch me forgetting, please remind me of all that I have been given.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Plumper Pumpkin Patch

For my birthday I wanted to go to a pumpkin patch.  I love that once you have children you can do things that you never really lost interest in upon becoming an adult without looking weird.

The weather report for Friday (my actual birthday) didn't look so great, so we went yesterday instead.  It was a balmy 74 degrees--perfect for a day outside.

We'd planned on getting hotdogs and bratwursts at the farm because it was, after all, a birthday outing.  However, we didn't realize that they only offer those on weekends.  So we ate kettle corn and apples for lunch.

Mercy loved the animal barn.  She got to feed an apple to a pig and hay to a calf as well as pet the calves and miniature horses and donkey.

Though she didn't do much in it, the corn jump apparently made a big impression, because she did lots of talking about it...

 There were also three giant slides made of that industrial black plastic pipe stuff.  One was 40 ft. long.  Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of that one.

Then, right before heading home, we took a wagon to the pumpkin patch and picked a pumpkin to keep.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Fresh Start

After several years on Xanga, I've decided to switch our family blog over to Blogger.  So, if you're new to us, here's a brief introduction.

I'm Amber, wife to Ryan, Mommy to Mercy, age two, and Gilead, who's eight months.  I hold a degree in music education, but my true calling at this phase of my life is here, in the home.  Keeping up with two very small children is no easy task, nor is keeping up with all of the from-scratch cooking I do as a result of my gluten-free diet.  Okay, I would probably do that, anyway, but now I have no choice!

My wonderful husband graduated recently with a master's in accountancy.  The economic situation being what it currently is still has him looking for work as a full-time job.  We know we're not the only ones in that situation right now, but we are certainly praying that this particular phase of life would pass quickly!

So, here we are:

This blog will primarily consist of the day-to-day life and insights of a stay-at-home-mom.  Our lives are certainly very ordinary--but they are also never boring!  To keep up on other aspects of our lives, visit my other blog, Gluten Free Motherhood and my husband's, Puzzled but not Surprised.